Monographs can be found by call number (LC#, Library of Congress number).

Lots (boxed sets of photos, loose or in albums) can be searched with the Prints and Photographs "search number fields" option.

The screenshots, below, show how to retrieve the lot number, then to read the full bibliographic entry of one image or the whole (group description) lot. So take the lot number for the photo album you are seeking, then put that number into the search box for full details.

search the number field for exact lot #

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=After retreiving Lot #, choose "preview"
after you see the record,then press "preview"

retrieving a lot# citation

retrieving a lot# citation

=-=-=choose "see catalog record" for whole group or single thumbnail image
thumbnail from lot#

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Full citation details for (as an example) Lot Number 3411